This Privacy Policy stipulates rules for storing and accessing information on User’s devices with cookie files that are used to provide electronic services requested by the User by Megabajt Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw at ul. Rydygiera 8, building 6a.

  1. Definitions
    1. Administrator – means Megabajt z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (limited liability company) with its registered seat in Warsaw, 01-793, ul. Rydygiera 8, building 6a, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division under the KRS number 0000127183, NIP (VAT ID): 525-19-17-106 The Administrator provides electronic services and stores and accesses information on User’s devices.
    2. Cookies – means IT data, in particular small text files saved and stored on devices used by the User to access the Service pages.
    3. Administrator’s Cookies – means Cookies sent by the Administrator related to provision of electronic services by the Administrator via the Service.
    4. Third Party Cookies – means Cookies sent by Administrator’s partners via Service website.
    5. Service – means a website or application used by the Administrator to provide the Internet service under the domain.
    6. Device – means an electronic device used by the User to access the Service.
    7. User – means an entity for which electronic services may be provided in accordance with the Policy and regulations or with whom a Contract for electronic services may be concluded.
  1. Types of used Cookies
  2. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for User’s Device. In particular no viruses or other unwanted or malicious software can access User’s Devices this way. These files facilitate identification of software used by the User and customising the Service to each individual User. Cookies usually contain a name of their domain of origin, their lifetime, and assigned value.
  3. The Administrator uses two types of Cookies:
  4. Session Cookies:they are stored on User’s Device until the end of a browser session. Information they store is then permanently deleted from Device’s memory. Mechanism of session Cookies prohibits storage of any personal data and confident information from User’s Device.
  5. Persistent Cookies:they are stored on User’s Device until they are deleted. They are not removed from User’s Device when browser session is ended or Device turned off. Mechanism of persistent Cookies prohibits storage of any personal data and confident information from User’s Device.
  6. The User may limit or disable access of Cookies to their Device. In this case, they will be able to continue using the Service apart from functionalities that inherently require Cookies.

III. Range of Purposes of Cookies

  1. The Administrator uses Administrator’s Cookies to:
  2. a) Configure the Service
  • customise Service webpages to User’s preferences and optimise use of Service websites.
  • recognise Service User Device and its location and displaying a website customised to their individual needs;
  • store User settings and personalisation of User interface, e.g. as regards selected language or User’s region,
  • store history of pages visited in the Service to recommend content,
  • adjust font size and website appearance.
  1. b) Authenticate the User in the Service and provide User session in the Service
  • maintain Service User session (after logging in) so that the User does not have to enter their login and password on each subpage of the Service;
  • correctly configure selected functionalities of the Service, in particular in order to verify authentication of browser session.
  • optimise and increase performance of services provided by the Administrator.
  1. c) Implement processes necessary for full functionality of websites
  • customise Service websites to User’s preferences and optimise use of Service websites. These files facilitate in particular recognising basic parameters of User Device and displaying a website accordingly as per their individual needs;
  • proper handling of a partnership programme, in particular to facilitate verification of sources of User redirection to Service websites.
  1. d) Store User location
  • correct configuration of selected functionalities of the Service, in particular to facilitate customising information provided to the User as regards their location.
  1. e) Analyse, check, and audit traffic
  • create anonymous statistics that help understand how Service Users use Service websites, which facilitates improving their structure and content;
  1. f) Provide advertising services
  • customise advertisements of third party services and products presented with the Service;
  1. g) Ensure Service security and reliability
  2. The service Administrator uses Third Party Cookies to:
  3. a) present multimedia on Service websites loaded from external web service:
  • [Cookies administrator: Vimeo, LLC., USA]
  • [Cookies administrator: Google Inc., USA]
  • [Cookies administrator: Free4Fresh Sp. z o.o., Warsaw]
  1. b) collect general and anonymous statistical data with analytical tools:
  • Google Analytics [Cookies administrator: Google Inc., USA]
  • Gemius Traffic [Cookies administrator: Gemius S.A., Warsaw]
  • Stat24 [Cookies administrator: Redefine Sp. z o.o., Warsaw]
  1. c) present advertisements customised to User preferences with online advertising:
  • Google AdSense [Cookies administrator: Google Inc., USA]
  1. d) use interactive functionalities to popularise the Service in social media:
  • com [Cookies administrator: Twitter Inc., USA]
  • [Cookies administrator: Google Inc., USA]
  • com [Cookies administrator: Facebook Inc., USA or Facebook Ireland, Ireland]
  1. Specifying conditions for storing or accessing via Cookies
  2. The User may on their own and at any time change Cookies settings and define conditions of their storage and their access to User’s Device. The User may change the above-mentioned settings in their browser’s settings or by configuring the service. The settings may be changed in particular by blocking automatic processing of cookies in web browser settings. Alternatively, the User may be notified each time they sent Cookies to User’s Device. Details of how to handle Cookies are available in software (web browser) settings.
  3. The User may delete Cookies at any time using functions of their web browser.
  4. Restricting the use of Cookies may affect some functionalities of Service website.
  5. Data related to browsing Service content
  6. The Administrator collects information related to browsing Service content by Users such as number and source of visits in a given Service, browsing of content, number and type of opened subpages, used referrals, or computer IP address. The Administrator does not link such information to User’s Personal Data and does not use it to identify the User unless it is necessary for correct provision of a Service.
  7. The Administrator uses information referred to in section 1 above solely for purposes related to market research and Service online traffic monitoring for statistical reasons, in particular to assess interest in Service content and improve it as well as the quality of Administrator’s services.
  8. Transmitting and sharing Personal Data
  9. 1. Using some Services may necessitate sharing or transmitting User Personal Data with other Service Users or sharing or transferring Personal Data outside of the Service. If this results in transmission of Personal Data to another administrator, processing of Personal Data will be subject to privacy policy of such an administrator.
  10. 2. The Administrator may transmit or share Personal Data with third parties if:

o the User gives consent or

o it is justified by regulations or

o it is necessary to provide Services.

  1. User rights
  2. The User may access Personal Data content and modify and update it.
  3. If Personal Data is changed, the User should take care to update their Personal Data in their personalised profile in the Service, if any.
  4. The Administrator provides the User with a possibility to remove their Personal Data from Data Files at User request and in other cases as per regulations in force.
  5. The Administrator may refuse to remove Personal Data if the User has not made good all and any amounts payable toward the Administrator or has violated Service Policy (can I get Service Policy?) or policy of any other Service or regulations in force and maintaining the Personal Data is necessary to clarify such circumstances and determine User’s responsibility.

VII. Contact

  1. Service User may contact the Administrator at any time to obtain information on if and how the Administrator uses or is going to use their Personal Data.
  2. Service User may request the Administrator to remove their Personal Data in whole or in part.
  3. Address of the Administrator: Megabajt Sp. z o.o., ul. Rydygiera 8 /building 6A/ 01-793 Warsaw, phone: 48 22 560 73 00, e-mail: